Please note that this agenda corresponds to what was planned for 2020.
As far as possible, we try to keep the program for our Training Days for next year.

Even so, please note that it can be subject to changes. Thank you.

With the DIC Training Days, you get the chance to join hands-on training sessions, led by technical experts. These pre- and post-conference trainings take part 16 and 19 June 2020 in the Hotel Belvoir in Rueschlikon, Zurich. Each day features two parallel sessions of around 6-8 hours technical training. You can sign up for our different Conference Packages including one or two Training Days.

16 June 2020

19 June 2020

Please note:
  • All classes start at 09:00. Welcome coffee from 08:15 on.
  • For some classes students have to bring their own laptop. Please check your class details!
  • Bring a USB thumbdrive to copy class material for your own reference.
  • Software licences are provided to students during the Training Day.
  • Class language is English.
  • Students will receive a certificate of attendance for each Training Day they have joined.

Registration Rules:
  • Register online for the Conference Package of your preference, including one or two training days.
  • Registrations to a specific training class are limited to a maximum of four attendees per organization.
  • Payment: Arina will send out invoices via e-mail to protect the environment.