DIC Training Days 2020, 16 June:

Nuix Discover

Nuix is pleased to offer a one day training that focuses on introducing clients and prospects to Nuix Discover. The class will start with a brief introduction to Nuix as a whole, and a conversation around how Discover complements the entire product line to achieve eDiscovery excellence. The focus will quickly shift to a feature based tour of the Discover world including by not limited to data ingestion/import, review workflow, analytics, reporting and exporting.

The training will have a story based approach that is sure to add value and educate seasoned eDiscovery professionals and those new to this part of our industry. Similarly, the training is well suited for both existing and new Nuix users. We look forward to seeing you at the DIC!

Andy Ward

Your instructor: Andy Ward, Lead eDiscovery Subject Matter Expert, EMEA at Nuix